INSANE JETMAN DUBAI & EMIRATES Create Flying Performance!

I guess that it would be safe to say that when it comes to the United Arab Emirates and their most famous city, Dubai, we all got used on seeing only the most spectacular and most eccentric things, no matter what we are talking about. Whether it`s some totally jaw-dropping supercars show, insanely powerful American muscles in action, some totally crazy stunt performances of different type and nature…Dubai simply has to have the best, and Jetman Dubai Team is the proof!

And what you are about to see in the following video clip that we have prepared for you today, is definitely some of the most divine, and at the same time, adrenaline rush filled moments that won`t leave anyone indifferent. We had seen other skydiving performances in Dubai`s sky, but I think that the latest aerial showcase has been by far the best one yet!

Performed by the Jetman Dubai team and Emirates A380 airplane, this formation flight appears to be like something out of this world. It took them about three months of hard teamwork, in order to plan and coordinate every single detail of this jaw-dropping performance that involves the biggest passenger aircraft in the world. And of course, the main guys behind all of it, Jetman Dubai pilots, Vince Reffet and Yves Rossy.

So, without further adieu, check out the video below and enjoy the following 100 seconds of divine moments of a perfect combo of human ambition and skills! And in a case you`ll find yourself visiting Dubai in the near future, go to this link if you want to find out what are some of the biggest attractions for tourists!

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