We Introduce You The SUPER BUS! Dutch MEGA Long Bus!

Ever wondered what public transportation looks like in the future? The Super bus is an indicator of the feeling that good things lie ahead of us! Having a chassis frame built of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, this transportation vehicle is very safe and sustainable. The major upside is that you can feel the comfort as if you are sitting in a Sedan or a Porsche, but the price you pay for the ride is similar to a simple train ticket. Same sensation -- lower price!

The Superbus truly is a bus from the future. Equipped with Seat belts, TV, internet, air-conditioning and heating, you are guaranteed to have a comfortable and peaceful journey. Driving at cruising speed of 155 mph, it is so comfortable that you will not feel the speed. The Super bus is also a very sustainable vehicle. It is due to the fact that it is electrically powered vehicle which uses rechargeable batteries. It is as light as a feather, meaning that it has low energy consumption.On top of that, the Superbus is a safe vehicle. The reason for that lies in its obstacle detection systems, along with high maneuverability and formidable breaking power. After seeing the Superbus, you too will be excited about the future!

By the way, did you know that the longest bus in the World is driving in Dresden, Germany?! Follow this link to see this gigantic machine that can successfully transport around 250 people around the city!