Electricity VS Gas! P85D Tesla vs Challenger Hellcat!

Welcome to Palm Beach International Raceway. The place where a new WORLD RECORD is going to be set! The event: ¼ mile DRAG RACE. Drag races always bring characteristic type of amusement. These events give us the chance to be witnesses of different, unusual, exciting and rather unpredictable races. This race is the perfect example. We present to you the race between the new 2015 Tesla vs Challenger Hellcat. It already sounds attractive!

The first participant in the Tesla vs Challenger knock out, the Tesla, is an ELECTRIC car, all-wheel drive and has 691 HP. Pay attention, 691 HP powered by electric current!! Unbelievable!! On the other hand, we have the Hellcat, carrying the new engine by Dodge. It is the new 6.2 liter, 707 horsepower Hemi V8. We are now familiar with the contestants, and ready for the start. But, an inevitable fragment of drag races is of course the BURNOUT!! Check out what the Hellcat does to those tires! Now that`s a smoke! Maybe the asphalt is a bit shabby there. Without any further delay, put your hands together for the new world recorder!

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