Guinness World Record LARGEST POOL On The Planet!

You have probably taken a dip in a pool that is beautiful enough to impress, but this one is going to impress you with its SIZE too! No wonder it is named as the largest pool on Earth! This pool belongs to the San Alfonso Del Mar resort in Chile. Due to its size, the pool is also known as a man-made lagoon! It is a brainchild of Fernando Fischmann of Crystal Lagoons Corporation and there were almost 5 years needed to build it! Pay attention now: this pool`s length is 3323 feet! That`s 0.6 miles!

Moreover, the surface area is 20 acres and holds an impressive number of 66,000 gallons of salt water! You probably wonder where all the water comes from? The pool is actually an extension of the ocean next to it. The water is taken from the ocean, filtered and then directed into the pool. One interesting fact about this pool is that there are no additional artificial chemicals like in the ordinary pools. The water is constantly filtered. Finally, there is also an interior pool as a part of the big one which can be used in case of bad weather!

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