As you all (may) know a hovercraft is also called an air-cushion vehicle. It is a craft that has the ability to travel over different surface types, such as ice, mud, water, dry land etc. Their way of work is more similar to an aircraft, rather than a vessel. Hence, it is operated by a pilot. It moves by blowing huge amounts of air underneath the hull, which produce pressure little higher than the atmospheric one. The variety of pressure above the hull as well as beneath it produces lift, and makes the hovercraft able to move. In order to be more stable the air blows via holes on the outside of an oval shaped or disk shaped platform. This often determines the hovercraft`s design. Nevertheless, the video below presents you the biggest hovercraft on Earth in action!

It is so big that it can carry not only human personnel, but also military vehicles like tanks! Moreover, you have the chance to take a look of the inside of this craft and find out more about its way of operation! One thing is certain, it is not made to sneak up, it is made to be seen!

At last, visit this link to see the coolest hovercraft ever! Might not be the biggest hovercraft bu say hello to the first Golf Cart hovercraft!