PAK TA – NEW Russian Futuristic FLYING MONSTER ! It Can Fly OVER 1200 MPH & CARRY 200 TONS!

The near future definitely brings us big changes, and one among them is the discovery of the new technology in the scope of military aircraft. The latest project that these days made a big media buzz comes from Moscow, Russia and is in possession of the country`s first man – Mr. Vladimir Putin. We are talking about the huge special purpose aircraft called PAK TA that will be able to fly at supersonic speed of up to 1200 mph while transporting approximately 200 tons. Furthermore, this previously secret Russian project has ability to stay longer in the air, i.e. the PAK TA can fly for seven hours without refueling its tank. We are not sure if we should be amazed at this fact or scared from it!

The main task of these machines is to transport tanks and other military equipment from point A to point B. In it there will be more levels where cargo can be put automatically. The experts who developed this new flying design say that the project is expected to be completed by 2024. Then, Russia will definitely become a superpower by having this unbelievable and mighty transport aircraft that will be able to deliver huge amounts of military equipment to the desired territory. With that being said, the PAK TA will definitely be a force to be reckoned with once it`s done! We are positive that the US Navy will also develop something similar to the PAK TA! Our military rivalry with Russia has been going on for decades, and it won`t stop anytime soon! Nevertheless, this Russian aircraft is truly a work of art. It will be quite a sight to see once it is completed. Check out the video of the concept right here!

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