Kugelmotor By Dr. Herbert Hüttlin! How About This Spherical Engine Technology?

Germans have always inspired us with their innovation in the automobile industry. Luckily, they have never stopped creating magnificent works that dictate the future of our world of cars. Talking about inventions, today we have the pleasure to introduce you one more fascinating prototype, the so called Boba engine or the spherical engine.

Httlin Kugelmotor round spherical engine 2

The spherical engine is designed to supplement electrical power from a hybrid car. Anyway, the power that the spherical engine produces is going to be routed with the hybrid power sharing design. But, to understand how the motor makes power that is practically irrelevant!

However, here comes the simple part. The prototype of this spherical engine made by Dr. Huttlin is able to produce up to 104 HP. Well, unlike the standard gasoline motor, Dr. Huttlin says that this design can suit every power that is needed! Also, this motor is by far more eco-friendly than all the gasoline motors you know! Think about that!

So far, we have seen cylindrical and wankel rotary engines. That somehow got bored to Mr. Huttlin who wanted to created something totally new. Fascinated from the spherical ball shape, he made the first round shaped Motor 1. During the first stage of its development, Mr. Huttlin has discovered several disadvantages.

These should be overcome fast. However, according to the calculations, this little 1,2 liter has great potential! It can achieve around 60 KW at only 3000 rpm. With these values the spherical engine is suitable for use in many areas of mobility.

Now, we should patiently wait for the final product of this amazing invention that can clearly make a twist in today’s automobile technology. What do you think?

Till then, we can admire this kind of inventions, so if you are interested for more creative ideas regarding engines, you should visit this link.