Awesome DRIFTING BY Masato Kawabata and his NISSAN GTR!

We all know and remember well that there are many cases when after a great drift-driving, only moments afterwards something goes wrong and what follows is horrifying crash. Fortunately, this time, things did not end up in such a bad manner, but the crash was avoided only by inches, and everything turned out to be just fine. And the main role in this performance was for the famous and legendary Japanese drift-driver Masato Kawabata, and his jaw-dropping and very powerful and fast 1 000 HP Nissan GTR R35.

This will not be a first time that we are watching Masato Kawabata in action, whether it is from the moments when he is drifting like mad during the competition in Formula Drift, or whilst performing some stunt and creates clouds of smoke. His awesome D1GP build 1 000 HP Nissan GTR is definitely one of the most appealing GTR R35`s, highly modified and adapted to his needs and wishes, packing a VR38 motor, with a Hollinger sequential gearbox, with a rear end and subframe from a Skyline GTR R34.

Now check out the following video and watch Masato`s performance at Ebisu Circuit and see how he managed to keep his great Nissan GTR in one piece and continue drifting with it. And if you want to see more action from him and learn about his great ride, click here.