Meet WalkCar – A Portable Vehicle That Can Fit In Your Bag!

When you don`t have enough money to buy a car and you don`t like motorbikes, this may just be the option for you. It`s an inconspicuous, unsuspicious and very plainly looking board with some wheels, but it has a hidden secret! When you stand on this portable vehicle named WalkCar, you can control it and it can move in any direction in which you want it to go! I presume this is done through Bluetooth or some other type of wireless communication because the board itself doesn`t have any wires going through it. It may look scary to some people but apparently it works and here it is!

The WalkCar seems to have incredible breaking systems as well, in case you lose your balance. Also, it doesn`t move too quickly so you won`t fly off it when it abruptly stops – which shouldn`t be a concern because the portable vehicle only stops when you`re not on it. It can fit in a bag, in a bike bin or in a backpack, and yet it can help you so much during your daily activities. I just hope it`s cheap enough for everyone to use even if they do not have a lot of money.

For more info about the WalkCar, visit the official website.