Is This The Best Setup Ever To Be Seen On A Volkswagen?! Check Out This 900 HP VW Golf Drag Race!

Americans can be pretty ignorant when it comes to drag racing and its connection to European cars. Nothing is like the American muscle, we often hear. Well, we do agree, honestly. But hey, those Europeans have also some muscles to show! That is why we want you to see this VW Golf drag race numerous opponents as it leaves them behind to enjoy the view. The setup on this beast is one of a kind. The 1.8 L engine on this one boosts almost 900 horsepower making it one heck of a drag racer!

This VW Golf drag race icon sure owns a marvelous displacement. With a displacement as that one it definitely starts to rival those rotary engines. However, we bring you some footages from the Maryland International Raceway where this GTI tore some tires and smoked the crowd! The engine however, did not make it till the very end. The last pass marking 8.81 seconds at 161.03 was the fatal one! Too bad the VW Golf Drag race beast ended like this, but the owner has one heck of a story to brag about! Take a look at this amazing footage.

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