60-Year Old Vintage HYDROPLANE With A 1500HP WW2 Aircraft ENGINE!

There are many unique setups for all kinds of things that go super-fast. In this one, we stumbled upon one crazy combination that we must learn more about. Immediately upon seeing this boat, our inner gearhead was completely awaken. What we actually have in this video is a 60 year old vintage hydroplane named US U-36. To see a boat like this is awesome enough just on the outside. However, what lurks inside this racing boat makes watching it in action even more spectacular. You might not expect this, but this racing boat is fitted with an engine that dates from the World War 2 era.

To be more precise, it`s a fighter plane engine which according to the description of this video it`s an Allison V-1710. It supposedly delivers 1500HP! This engine was used in a lot of WW2 fighter planes like the P-51 Mustang and P-38 Lighting. Getting into a vintage hydroplane like this would be a treat for every gearhead. Imagine being behind the controls of this water monster. With so much power, this boat looks like it`s going to take off out of the river and go into the sky. This is a perfect showcase of old school technology. What do you think about this craft?

Finally, this boat might not be WW2 engine equipped, but it sure roars like one!