I have to tell you right from the beginning that out of the many videos about the legendary Japanese sports car, the Nissan GTR (no matter what model are we talking about, the R32, R33, R34, or R35) that we are continuously showing you, the following is one of the most exciting, and the best video analyzes about these iconic rocket-sleds, the wet dreams of so many fast cars aficionados from all over the world! It is a GTR R34 vs GTR R35 video clip about the Nissan Skyline GTR R34 model and its successor, the Nissan GTR R35, in which you will hear and see many things that you (may) did not know about these siblings.

Find out about the differences between them, and the progress that has been made between these two very special generations of GTR. And that is something that should raise the interest for sure, taking into an account that there is a hard and long debate, and divided standings about which one of these legendary cars is better, more reliable, original, faster, etc.

So watch the following 11+ minute GTR R34 vs GTR R35 video carefully (I`m pretty sure that you are going to enjoy every minute of it), and afterwards maybe you will get certain answers about some of the questions you may have. And if that is not enough and you feel like there is more you need to know about this subject, go to this link.