UNREAL! Black 1957 Chevy “The Evil Twin” With A 6-Sec PASS! May 19, 2014

Check out this insane black 1957 Chevy “The Evil Twin” With A 6-Sec PASS! This thing is certified to run 5.99 Sec! It`s a REAL BEAST! We have seen lots of great passes at the ¼ mile drag track, but only a few of them have been under 6 seconds! Furthermore, this car isn`t only fast, it looks incredible as well! Many of you are fans of classic American cars, and this Chevy definitely fits the bill! The combination of incredible speed and gorgeous looks was what made us share this amazing video with you! We do not think you have seen something like this lately! We must say that even though we do this job daily, this car left a great impact on us! We are talking about the regular 1/4 mile pass! Well, it is probably not regular since we said we were AMAZED! This classic CHEVY, also known as THE EVIL TWIN left many jaws dropped after completing the 1/4 mile! And why is that you wonder?

The reason is based on the FANTASTIC 6 second run by the Chevrolet! 1/4 mile in 6 seconds!!! If that is not amazing, what is?! The sound of the engine is sure to get your hyped up! Some would argue that a beautiful classic car like this black 1957 Chevy doesn`t deserve to be turned into a dragster. However, every true gearhead knows that a beautiful vehicle comes in all shapes and sizes! However, before we leave you to enjoy the beauty of “The Evil Twin”, we must tell you to tune down your volume! This car is ridiculously loud! With that being said, we will leave you to check out the video and prepare to be shocked as you enjoy the SOUND of that EXHAUST!!!

This was published on May 19, 2014.

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