This Guy Put A TRIPLE TURBO On A 20B 3 Rotor! It Sound Amazing & It’s So Cool!

Get the smallest, most complicated car you can find for a retail price and fit it with thousands of dollars worth of additions. If you actually ever considered this, you probably thought of putting something like a triple turbo on a 20B 3 Rotor Mazda.

Triple Turbo On A 20B 3 Rotor 2_1

Yes, that`s a Wankel engine. No, I don`t think it`s actually worth it, but it sure looks really cool! This guy decided to put all that gear under the little hood of his little Mazda and it`s making the cutest, most horrifying sound I`ve ever heard coming from a car. Not only that, but putting a triple turbo on an engine like the 20B 3 rotor is like putting jet engines on a bicycle – it`s a little bit of an overkill. I mean that car is not going to fly down the road, but if it had little tiny wings, it just might!

The guy that had this done is Michael Vargas, and I have to say – props for the ingenuity. I never would have thought to do this and as cute as it looks I sure want to have a ride in that little beast! I feel like just one spin in that would satisfy anyone`s turbo needs for weeks, even for months maybe! What do you think?

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Never too late for a lesson. Difference between bi- and twin-turbo, here!