Nobody Can Beat This Little Ford Fiesta ST! 380HP Under The Hood!

When it comes to competitive racing, having the proper car along with you skills is essential. But in the following video, this guy proves that you do not have to have a supercar in order to win. He manages to win races over and over again with his little Fiesta. Though it has not yet been tested on the dyno, this Ford Fiesta ST pushes between 360 and 380 HP. A slight downside this little Fiesta has is the traction hence the car does not have much weight. Nobody at the airstrip of Rantoul Aviation Center expected the Fiesta to win between all those muscle cars and other models.

During the Omega Motorsport`s NoFlyZone Midwest event this little Fiesta got the chance to race with supercars such as Celica GT4, Infiniti G35, Subaru BRZ, EVO, Golf R, ZL1 Camaro, Supra, Pontiac G8, and guess what? The Fiesta won in every race reaching speeds of over 137mph. The Fiesta was finally stopped by the Porsche 911, due to a blow to the oil feed line on top of the turbo manifold. Who knows, if it was not for this problem, would have anyone been able to stop this little Fiesta on the track?

At last, watch another exciting drag race. This time Fiesta vs Mini Cooper.