Watch The Ultimate Car Brake Test Video! An Old 1996 Ford Fiesta’s Brakes Go BOOM!

For the purpose of the test, this YouTubers brought an old 1996 Ford Fiesta which definitely has seen better days. These guys decided that the Fiesta doesn`t need four brakes. It`s very slow and they can explode one brake, and still have lots of fun with it. This car is a front-wheel-drive and no locking differentials on the front, so if one tire is up, it`s going to spin. They decide to lift the car and take the tire off, this way you can see the brake. Afterwards, they are spinning the wheel with the car`s own motor, revving the engine up, using full throttle and then just brake and brake until the brake explodes! Isn`t this the ultimate car brake test or what?

At first, they set the car in 4th gear, going full throttle and revving very close to the red line. Doing this, something very must happen. You can see what happens at an amazing slow-motion footage of 1800 fps. The brake goes red and then explodes to smithereens. The brake disc is totally gone, and the brake pads are nowhere to be seen as well. These guys inspect all of the blown parts after the explosion, and none of the parts look like they are supposed to. They also have a nice thermal camera for more details. Check out the car brake test video below, and tell us what you think.

At last, watch the world’s fastest crash test ever done at 120 mph. You will be surprised by the results!