Subaru BRZ Formula DRIFT With Dai Yoshihara! Test Day 1!

Check out this Subaru BRZ Formula DRIFT With Dai Yoshihara: Test Day 1!

Let us go for a little trip to California guys, what do you say about that?! If you wonder what are we going to do there, let us just tell you that Dai Yoshihara is there training for the Formula Drift event coming soon! The Subaru is sure here, and knowing Dai, its tires will not be saved! This drifting champion is known for always seeking the natural to get into drifting! He is in this game for 10 years now and we can definitely say he deserves his space in the top drifters of the World! Check it out!!!

Unbelievable! Look at that thing go! Anyway, this review is quite impressive!

Enjoy the video below!

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