Fully Functional 3D Printed Mini Subaru EJ20 Engine Made By The Mechanical Engineer – Eric Harrell!

If you are a guy, the chances are huge that you have dabbled under the hood, saw the engine and thought “That`s an engine alright”. While most guys are intrigued by engines, there are a lot who doesn`t know anything besides checking the oil. However, if you are eager to study how one engine works, you can definitely do that at home, without dismantling your vehicle apart! That`s exactly what the mechanical Engineer Eric Harrell did! He made a 3D printed, 35% scale down and fully functional Subaru EJ20 Engine! Clearly it`s not a real engine.

However, it is one amazing 3D printing endeavor that will show you all how engines really function!
This type of project may sound very familiar to many of you. That is because this is not Harrell`s first ever 3D printed engine! Eric Harrell goes by the name “ERICTHEPOOLBOY” online! He has previously designed many staggering car-related 3D printed projects! One of his most notable projects of this kind is the Toyota 4 cylinder 22RE 3D Printed engine back in January! However, like the Toyota 22RE replica, this Subaru EJ20 3D printed project is not an actual engine! Nevertheless, all parts are fully functional and all of them move as the real thing!

Gas pipes are not needed in order to power up this amazing engine. This cool engine runs hooked to an electric motor! The result is one staggering, fully functional, 3D printable engine that highlights precisely how engines actually function! This engine is perfect as an educational plaything for gearheads of all ages!

This 3D printed Subaru EJ20 Engine, just like its Toyota predecessor, was fully designed using SolidWorks! It is made in a way to be completely 3D printable with a regular 3D printer! The engine block of the EJ20 engine features even a smaller block than the 22RE! Meaning that an exceptionally small 3D printer can be used!