Transparent Car Build of Acrylic Showcases – Future Automotive Safety Technology!

There are certain companies that are willing to do just about anything when it comes to satisfying their customers, but as well as attracting the interest of new ones. The things that these companies would do are simply amazing and it seems that there is no limitation to them. Hereby, we take a look at yet another amazing car that was used to expose and reveal every possible safety feature by TRW Automotive. So, you must be wondering what type of it is? Well, it is a completely transparent car that was made entirely out of acrylic and it looks absolutely stunning.

Transparent Car Build of Acrylic Showcases - Future Automotive Safety Technology 2

The body of the car is completely transparent and you could take a look at all of the little bits and pieces one car is made off. But, what TRW Automotive main goal was something different. They wanted for the people to take a look at all of those advanced airbags, brand new braking system, as well as the new steering products. The car also has many sensors that collect data around the whole vehicle.

This data collected by the sensors is further on used in making the driver assistance system work which is going to help protect passengers, drivers and pedestrians. In the transparent car there is also an upgraded active seat belt system that will help manage the owner`s energy in a potential crash.

What do you think, is this one of the best ways that you can expose all of your latest technology into one piece?