Triple Blown V8 Engine With a See Trough Supercharger Windows!

When it comes to awesome engines, nothing can be beat the big and robust ones that stick out of the hood with the mighty blower. This is one of the best ways for the owner to show off the power of his car. But these mighty engines not always have to be installed in the car in order for us to understand their power and to amaze us. Hereby we take a look at this ridiculously awesome triple blown V8 engine that looks gorgeous and it just might be one of the best engines we have seen in years. First of all we have to take a minute a just look at the engine i.e. the way it looks.

Triple Blown V8 Engine With a See Trough Supercharger Windows 1

It has been restored to bare perfection and everything you see is glossy and shiny. But this Arias Chevrolet Hemi engine has other feature that makes it so special and extraordinary, unlike any engine we have seen so far. Once you take a look at this powerful V8 engine from the sides, you can see that the supercharger has been made with an acrylic grass, meaning that you could easily see all the action that is going on the inside.

It has a red base color and even though this triple blown V8 engine is not installed in any car and we see it in action just like this, it is still a pleasure and joy to watch and listen to it.

What do you think, is this the best V8 engine you have recently seen?

Fired up on the run stand to check out the details of the combo .. So far everything is working great..

Posted by Blown Mafia on Wednesday, October 25, 2017