INSANE Custom Made MUSTANG With A Monstrous SUPERCHARGED V8 Blown Engine! Feeling Envy?!

There are many mad scientist gearheads in our US. Like always many of them don`t disappoint to bring us something extraordinary, insane and unique! And as always we are here to share these unique muscle cars with you guys. Today this video sure as hell belongs to that category of American muscle! In fact it stinks of America and shows exactly what our gearheads are capable of doing! This guy made a ludicrous custom made Mustang with a gigantic engine! Engine so huge that will most definitely make you believe in magical craftsmanship!

We don`t know where exactly this video is happening but most definitely it`s somewhere on the streets of America. First the guy recording this video gives us a glimpse of the rear of this crazy custom made Mustang. And you know from the sound of it, that something crazy is in question. Because the sound this Mustang is producing sure is no ordinary V8 sound! We can notice that the sound is of some mad craftsmanship! And when the driver who is recording this video gets alongside this crazy yellow Stang we can see more of its craziness! The driver of this crazy custom made Mustang is giving the camera a huge grin! A grin that is totally in harmony with the crazy Mustang this driver is piloting! After that we can see the awesome, monstrous SUPERCHARGED V8 engine fitted on this mad Mustang! A beasty big blower that produces who knows how much HP!

We are simply amazed at how smoothed out this custom made Mustang is! The front bumper right into the fenders and grill! There are no door handles or an antenna sticking out! Simply said this Mustang is slick as a whistle!
We are also very interested in what the cameraman is driving. We can see that he, like the custom made Mustang has some kind of a big blower engine fitted in! Unfortunately, we can`t see enough to comment on his ride.

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