EPIC: Acura With A Blown 454 Big Block Engine! Thoughts?

It is not like it is the most powerful modified car that you have ever seen out there, but somehow, it does not look like your `everyday` modified monster, because, as we all know it very well, Acuras are pretty small cars, and when you mount 454 big block it looks like it is just about to burst. We understand the need and (even) obsession to create a unique and original looking car that has the power to melt down the asphalt. But if you ask us, one should also take into a consideration the general appearance and aesthetics, which are also essential qualities for one vehicle. And sometimes (in fact, many times) people are forgetting those aspects of the modification and tuning process, so they completely concentrate on the engine and the power, and the car`s appearance and looks are becoming second priority. This guy however, couldn`t care less about the way his ride looks. He has put a blown 454 big block engine in the front, and it looks weird at the very least.

We won`t even start talking about the poor weight distribution. That is what we have here, in the video that you are about to see below. Highly modified Acura, with a blown 454 big block under (and over) the hood that looks like it is about to tear up the tarmac track, wherever it goes. But somehow, it does not look `appropriate`, if you ask us. Take a look. The engine looks really nice, but that is not the best car to put it in. Nonetheless, what`s done is done, and at the very least, the car is functional. However, the tuning could have been much better, but who knows, maybe that was the look the owner was aiming for! Watch the video and let us know what you think about this Acura!

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Enjoy the video below!

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