Dreamed and Ended Up With The Unique Camaro Dream Rod SC454!

What you are about to see is one of the best looking custom made Camaro creations ever made – a product of chasing a dream that eventually, after a lot of hard work and creative brainstorming, had become true. Therefore, the following 13 and something minutes video is a story about Dale and how he managed to make his dream come true and create this perfect Camaro Dream Rod SC454.

But the becoming of this powerful looking beast did not happen over a night. Actually, Dale had to start from a scratch, purchasing the car`s body from the factory, just before it was shut down and than cut it up on pieces in order to reassemble it just the way he wanted it to look like. After about 12 000 hours of hard work, with a help from a friend, this is what he ended up with.

At first, it reminds on a Dodge Charger, but after you look at it better, you will see that it is actually `69 Camaro, but very much modified and customized.

There is a 454 big block under the hood of this Camaro Dream Rod SC454 that develops 440 HP connected with a five speed transmission. It really is one of the coolest cars I have seen lately. Check it out!

Finally, what do you think of this Camaro here!

Enjoy the video below!

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