INSANE: 5 Second Camaro Drag Race Car Owned by Tim O’Hare!

Tim O’Hare is one of the rare pro drag racers who actually care how his race car looks like. He and his crew are pretty much fanatical when it comes to the car`s appearance and many times, during the mid-season, they take the car to the body shop without any sort of serious damage, just so that it would be in a perfect shape. Therefore, his 5 second Camaro is one of the cleanest and the best-executed drag race cars out there and it can go under 6 seconds at 240 mph in the quarter-mile.

So it is pretty much clear that it is state of the art race car, with totally devoted car hauler and financial means to equip it with only the best and that is how Tim and his crew are ready for each season to go over the top. By now, this guy had won many championships, champion’s jacket and championship`s rings and it shouldn`t be a wonder why or how come.

About a decade ago, before the start of the 2003 season, almost nobody had ever heard about Tim, but many things have changed since then. After many wins and breaking records, Tim O`Hare is one of the biggest names in the sport and in order to show you just how good and fast this guy is, we are posting you this 5 second Camaro video clip in which you will see him doing his first quarter mile under 6 seconds. Respect man! That`s all I can say about this fellow.

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Enjoy the video below!

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