ONE OF A KIND – Monstrous BLOWN V8 600HP 1969 Volkswagen Beetle Pro Street!

There are many cool and weird VW beetle modifications out there. However, what we have in this one will definitely blow your mind. It`s a 69 Volkswagen Beetle which looks like one of the vehicles in the Mad Max franchise. The engine is fully fitted with an Eagle Rotating assembly, 355 BSC and a 671 BDS Blower. The Blower is driven one to one with the engine. All of this deliver approximately 600HP and one crazy soundtrack that terrifies everyone on the street. I don`t know if we can call this VW Beetle a sleeper though, its massive engine sticking out of the hood is definitely blowing its cover.

The suspension is very well made as well. It has a Mustang 2 Front end that`s narrowed by 8 inches, a custom two x three square tube chassis and a tubular lower and upper A arms. It also has a narrowed Mustang 2 steering rack. This crazy 69 Volkswagen Beetle is 100% street legal and this mad scientist is still working on it. So we can`t wait to see what it has in store for us next. Nevertheless, this car was already at one car show and it brought this gearhead a trophy. Everything on this beast is custom made at Johns Hotrods.

At last, follow this link to see the VW Beetle that hit a whitetail deer 50 feet in the air. What a disaster!