From A Regular Volkswagen Beetle To A VW Beach Beetle Buggy! Watch The Incredible Transformation Made By The Wheeler Dealers!

It might not be common in the United States, but the Volkswagen Beetle was a hit throughout Europe! Over 20 million Bugs have been manufactured, and the model has become an automotive world icon! It is no wonder that this small car found itself in one of the episodes of the Wheeler Dealers! The VW Beetle was the perfect “victim“ for buying and renovating.

What made this episode special is the fact that the Bug was repaired and it was also redesigned into a new car! The Volkswagen Beetle was made to look like a beach buggy!

The final product was the Beetle buggy, and it looks astonishing! Fortunately for us, Wheeler Dealers showed us the whole transformation process! This is why we have not one, but two videos for you guys today!
Watch the second video on page 2!