This 2017 Camaro ZL1 Exhaust System Is So Powerful The Airbags Blow At 140MPH!

Harley-Davidson owners are known to say that loud pipes can save lives by replacing stock muffled exhausts with straight pipes. Now, we are not going to dispute the efficacy of this sentiment. However, we are just going to point out that extremely loud noises can damage your hearing. Not just that, but fitting the wrong type of aftermarket exhausts can result in one ridiculously loud engine note that can blow your car`s airbags. This was the case with an aftermarket 2017 Camaro ZL1 exhaust system who had to learn this the hard way. According to YouTuber GuitarmageddonZL1, this exhaust system from the company Noweeds fitted the tubes too near to the ZL1`s airbag sensor.

The extreme pressure and sound was apparently enough to make the sensor think the vehicle was involved in some kind of an accident. Whoops. The company Noweeds is known to deliver efficient service. However, we can`t tell if this exhaust system has been redesigned. While driving at around 140mph, the airbags eventually got tired of the insane noise delivered by the 640HP V8 and burst. Fortunately, the unintended deployment of the airbags caused no injuries. The driver then immediately pulls over as his view sight was pretty restricted. If you don`t want to watch the entire video, go to the 10:20 mark for the punchline to see how insane this Camaro ZL1 Exhaust System really is. However, we warn viewers that some pretty bad language follows after that.

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