How To Build The Cheapest Racing Exhaust!

How To Build The Cheapest Racing Exhaust!

Cheapest Racing Exhaust 3

Are you envious of all those racers with tuned hot muscle cars and hatches waking up the whole neighborhood with their screaming engine sounds? You are not in the position to afford such expensive modification and parts? Fear not, you can find the ultimate affordable solution for everyone with just a couple of cents in their pocket.

The cheapest racing exhaust on the planet! This solution comes from Poland and the gearhead crew from Auto Świat magazine. OK, tell us what is it, we can hear you ask? Actually, it`s a very cheap exhaust kit that features a flexible rubber tube and a zip tie.

The guys here are demonstrating their cheapest racing exhaust ever invented on a Nissan Micra. The result is a better, crisper, sporty sound note. Who would`ve guessed that a bicycle tire can yield such results, huh?

The old Nissan Micra sounds like it has a very state-of-the-art rally exhaust system fitted in. This is only a joke by the Polish crew, of course. However, the old Nissan Micra really sounds better.

This video may be Polish, however, it is self-explanatory. We are not sure if you should try this on your vehicle though, as the police may not share your sense of humor.

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