Trailblazer SS SUV Drifts Through An Entire Roundabout!

When you generally like drifting, you have a drifting car. However, there comes a time when you need to settle down and get yourself a respectable family car. This drifter doesn`t want to have any of it – he got the one SUV that will allow him to continue with his passion. The Trailblazer SS SUV drifts as well as any other drifting car, but it looks fairly normal and people won`t take pictures of it in the street. When you have a normal car like this, you generally don`t get much attention, but when it`s a giant SUV and it`s drifting through a roundabout, there better be someone with a camera there!

As this guys` SUV drifts through the circle, his friend joyfully cheers him on with some pretty loud and iconic yells which left us rolling in laughter! Anyway, the N/A LS2 platform is awesome for huge, consistent power and that was the reason that this guy was inspired to buy this specific vehicle. Cross your fingers if you want Chevrolet to start making it again! If not for convenience and normal family vehicle shopping, then just for passionate drifters like this guy that just want to have a two-in-one vehicle!

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