If you are not familiar with the subject, let us give you a brief introduction of what is happening here! Earlier in January, this year, the BMW Company introduced us to a car that brought us as close as possible to the driverless future! As it has the very latest technology, you will be amazed by the car! However, this is not a video that is about to present to you the car! Right here you will see a challenge between BMW`s self drifting car and the DRIFTING CHAMPION! They have a circle in which they need to drift without going out of the line! Whoever lasts longer, is the winner!!!

So the show has begun. After a certain period of time of tire burning, sliding… You could see the drifting champion as he struggles to meet his goals, but yet enjoys since drifting is his passion, however! On the other hand, the BMW “driver” isn`t moving a finger as his self drifting car perfectly slides on the pavement! The outcome was simple – Two winners!!! Both skills and technology turned out to be the real thing – which means that the new technology is cool, but a skilled drifter cannot be beaten by technology!

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