WORST PARKING JOB EVER! Ford Fusion Drove Onto A 1959 Chevrolet CORVETTE At Charlotte County Walmart!

This is very sad for every real car enthusiast. A huge disaster happened at Charlotte County Walmart parking lot. A Ford Fusion ended onto the hood of a 1959 Chevrolet Corvette. As a result of this, the classic C1 sustained heavy body damage. So, before watching this video, we recommend getting some tissues. We don`t blame you at all. Sniff. According to sources, behind the wheel of the Ford Fusion was an elderly woman. Allegedly, instead of hitting the brake pedal, she hit the gas pedal. Because of this, the car ended rolling up the C1`s quarter panel and then onto the hood.

The classic C1`s owner is an elderly Gentleman who owns the legendary car since 1979. Nevertheless, when the owner saw this, he somehow managed to keep his cool. The crowd on the other hand, was completely shocked to witness this incident. The aftermath is not pretty at all. The lower driver`s door and quarter panel are all crushed. The rocker panel is destroyed as well. However, the hood wasn`t in such a bad condition as one would anticipate -- but again, it still looks sad. Watch the graphic video below as a tow truck is lifting the Ford Fusion of the beautiful 1959 Chevrolet Corvette.

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