Tractor Pulling Competition With A Lot Of Crashes!

Watching a tractor pulling competition can be fun, but not as fun as watching one when tractors start dismantling themselves before your very eyes!

Tractor Pulling Competition crash compilation fail 1

In this video we can see all of the most exciting crashes in these competitions. They`re always fun to watch unless it`s your tractor, in which case we`re sorry and we hope you got it fixed. One guy who I doubt got it fixed is the guy who had his entire engine gutted out of his hood in the middle of pulling. You simply can`t fix that. Another guy turned over after an especially strong rev, losing the match and having to call another vehicle to flip his impressive-looking tractor back upright. That doesn`t happen though, since the shiny tractor catches fire and it`s all over in seconds.

Another vehicle in this tractor pulling competition has his engine pretty much explode beneath his feet. It then catches fire and people rush to help but to no avail – the vehicle is dead and it will stay dead, since it also burned up. Yet another tractor can`t handle the pulling and starts driving with his front wheels up in the air. He`s basically doing a sick tractor wheelie, but that doesn`t help him win and he ends up in the back with most of the rest.

Some people even decided to try pulling with other vehicles besides tractors, such as pickup trucks and regular old cars. Of course, both of those fail, with the car`s engine exploding after only a few feet of hard and heavy pulling.

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Posted by C-VP on Thursday, May 4, 2017