JEEP CARNAGE: Off-Road Beasts Getting Wrecked by Ignorant Drivers!

In this one we share with you the ultimate Jeep carnage compilation.

JEEP CARNAGE Off-Road Beasts destroyed compilation fail 2

There are many ignorant drivers who decide to destroy their perfectly new off-road vehicles for no obvious reason. Oh well, maybe the reason is to entertain the crowd or something but we believe many of you will find this pretty unnecessary. Whatever the case may be, we decided to share this compilation with you for exactly that reason – entertainment. Some of them maybe just wanted to spend the day off-roading but got way more than what they bargained for. After all, if you want to venture in an extreme off-road track, you got to pack some off-roading skills. This takes a lot of practice and experience because some of these off-road tracks are definitely no joke.

Some of these vehicles included in this jeep carnage compilation are not meant to do this at all. They are not meant for rock bouncing. We can see many spotters here advice these off-road drivers what to do and fail miserably. Most of these off-road fails are the result of too much throttle applied on a pretty short wheelbase which is definitely way past the safety climbing angle. They need to do this on low gears and at all times keep the vehicle steady. Most of these unskilled off-road drivers were trying to do roadrunner hill climbing and failed hard.

We know that accidents and things like this happen when off-roading. However, people really need to be more experienced before venturing into something like this.

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