Toyota Is Using These BRAND NEW Engines with Atkinson Cycle!

We all know that Toyota is one of the greatest innovators in the car industry. What you are about to see in the following video is a great animation of their latest invention, their brand new engines.

BRAND NEW engines with Atkinson Cycle toyota 3

This Toyota 1.2T direct injection engine could possibly be a game changer. It has the new low-inertia single-scroll turbo and the water-cooled intercooler. What makes this engine to work so good are the intense tumble effect and the multipoint injection along with the high combustion speed. And all of this is very vividly and precisely presented in the gorgeous animation, whoever made it must be a real proffesional!

These brand new engines have the, what is known as, Atkinson cycle. There is a head-to-head comparison between the Otto cycle and the Atkinson cycle and their cylinders. They have different start compression strokes. This Toyota engine offers high torque at low revs, performance equal to perfect as well as low fuel consumption, something we are all glad to hear. That is the future!

The pistons are animated as they stop half way of the compression stroke so they have the stratified combustion. What do you think, could possibly these brand new engines make a breakthrough at the market and achieve great success?

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