AUTOLift 3000 Is The Master Of All Garage Lifts! Versatility At Its Finest!

Every serious DIYer knows that having a garage lift is a must. Working on your car without a garage lift can be excruciating! A whole day spent working on your back, under a car, straining and twisting will leave you feel like a punching bag. Also, working without a garage lift is very time consuming. You need to constantly check each jack and make sure they rest securely. Because of these reasons, having a garage lift is a must indeed. And many new innovations are being brought every day. The prices have never been lower. The installation is easier than ever! But, today we are going to talk about one special garage lift called the AutoLift 3000!

The AutoLift 3000 is a portable, compact mechanical lift that is just amazing! It has great universality, and it can be used for 99% of the cars in all categories there are. It has a load capacity of around 6600 lbs! And when you take into consideration that its dimensions are 64 x 51 x 4 inches with a weight of 94 lbs, that`s truly amazing!

You can use the Autolift 3000 for literally everything! It`s perfect for body or mechanical work, washing, painting, you name it. You can even use it for exhibition purposes and various demonstrations.

But, how does it work? The Autolift 3000 is fully mechanical and is controlled by an electric drill. It can lift at heights up to 2 feet. Inside the frame there are two gears that have trapezoidal screws. They allow quick raising or lowering of the car. Under the skis, the car can climb up by the center of gravity. This grants the car to be easily turned over by the rear or front wheels.

The greatest advantage of the Autolift 3000 lies in its flexibility and compact size! Because of the compact size, you can place this lift with great ease in your workshop. You can even easily transport it in a regular car!

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