Want To Learn How To Decrease Fuel Consumption Up To 60%? See What The Big Oil Companies Don’t Want You To Know!

According to a guy named Grant who owns a 1998 Ford Explorer Sports, you can save up to 60% fuel with this system. Now, we don`t know how familiar you are with the Ford Explorer line, but they are horrible gas guzzlers. Grand decided to do something about it and now he is getting 56% better gas mileage! How did he do it? Well, his truck is now a water hybrid! Technically he managed to decrease fuel consumption with a hydrogen on demand hybrid. The system is consisted of distilled water with one teaspoon of baking soda used as a catalyst.

That water is combined with 12 volts of electricity and what does is separates the hydrogen from the oxygen. That gas is then sent into the combustion chamber. With this system he is getting 100% burn in the combustion chamber. After just a few hours of running hydrogen it had blown years of deposits out of his engine. Now, his engine actually idles so quietly you can`t even hear It. Grant claims that his torque power and horsepower increased as well. As we said, he managed to decrease fuel consumption by 60%! What do you think? Is this just a sales pitch that needs more scientific evidence?

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