iX35 HYUNDAI Hydrogen Car Sets World Record! 1480 Miles In 24 Hours!

There are numerous factors that pollute our planet, but one of the major ones is definitely the oil/gas powered vehicle. This has become a global problem and scientists all over the world looking for a solution. The innovative video you are about to see gives one possible panacea for the polluting issue we are all dealing with. It features two seemingly unknown people, who we hope will become more popular in the near future. Arnt-GøranHartvig and Marius Bornstein (master of physics) have teamed up and put the HYUNDAI Hydrogen Car- Hyundai iX35 to the test, to see how long this vehicle can travel on public roads in Germany.

They were driving from Berlin to Hamburg and vice versa, i.e. between two fueling stations and their objective was to determine how the vehicle will operate in everyday conditions. The results are stunning! The first mass produced fuel cell car covered 1480 miles in 24 hours! So how does it work? Like any normal car, only it runs on hydrogen fuel which combined with the oxygen in the air produces electricity that powers the wheels. What comes out of the HYUNDAI Hydrogen Car exhaust pipe is pure H2O!

To learn more about the hydrogen fuel cell cars follow this link! You may also find some useful tips about where you can buy one and how the whole technology works!