Hello there guys! Today we would like to show you something quite interesting, but, apart being interesting, it`s a good advice! We have a friend here that bought a Hot Rod, a 1930 Ford Model A, which he hoped he would drive without any trouble. Of course, he knew that he needed to do some repairs before starting it! So, anyway, a friend of his told him to change the oil before running it. Our friend here, who`s testimony you will hear, poured some oil, fixed some other stuff such as the distributor, hooking up a battery, so it finally worked!

However, his friend still advised him not to drive it until the OIL WAS CHANGED! But, he did not listen to his friend and took his ride for a spin since the oil looked to be at the correct level, we all to that, right? After coming back, he decided to take DRAIN PLUG OUT, as the oil DRIBBLED OUT! It just would not drain out so our friend here, found the oil CAKED at the bottom! We guess this is a LESSON LEARNED, so, check out the video, and if you ever find yourself in a position like this, ALWAYS TAKE THE OIL PAN, do not RUN your motor with CRUD in the pan!

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