2 Liters in 100KM? Prototype System Called ” New Global Traction ” Promises To Save 70% Fuel Consumption!

The ” New Global Traction ” is an automotive system that comes from Varese, Italy. The idea came to a couple of Italian entrepreneurs who formed the company – Legimac. The system promises a drastic reduction in fuel consumption and emissions. The concept behind this prototype is to decentralize the point on which the driving force is discharged. It moves the driving force from the center of the wheel to take advantage of a more favorable leverage. Putting it simply, the principle is the same as the pedal of a bicycle. The axle shaft, acting at the center of the wheel, makes a considerable effort to overcome the inertia.

The ” New Global Traction ” system may sound unreal to many of you. However, allegedly the system has been tested and its positive results verified. Mauro Raccanello, which is one of the investors, says that this system does not upset the normal assembly line of modern cars. Manufacturers can simply mount this system directly on new machines without having high production costs. The ” New Global Traction ” aims to create a modern and environment-friendly automotive technology which will stimulate the market. Legimac has already presented this project to many European companies who have showed considerable interest for large-scale production.

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