Top 10 Strongest Toys That Will Wake Up The Child In You… Again! 7M VIEWS!

When it comes to toys, boys will be boys. Men always have some sort of toys throughout their lives, whether a mini RC car or a real beast of a car. Well, this list features 10 of the strongest toys out there. First on the list is the T-Rex 600 RC Helicopter. It is capable of pulling a boat which weights 210kg in the water. Second on the list is the Canadian National #6060 4-8-2 locomotive. It took more than 7 years to be completed, it`s completely constructed out of stainless steel, and is slightly larger than an 1/8 scale. It can pull a train with 48 people!

Next on the list is the RC Firefighter tank, which is fully functional, followed by the Tiger 2, a RC tank model. It is designed out of fiberglass and its gears are made out of metal. It is powered by a pair of batteries, and it can even pull a car! Fifth on the list is the B2 Spirit, an attack plane, just like the real B2 Spirit but smaller. It is made out of plastic and measures 1.6m and weighs 2.5kg. It can reach speeds of 150kmph! You should check out the video and see the rest of the strongest toys ever made!

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