Massive ANTONOV An 70 Cargo Aircraft With The Revolutionary Airplane PROPELERS!

Every industry in its respective field is constantly tinkering and toying with brand new ideas. They are constantly brainstorming for revolutionary ideas that can place them at the very top at what they do. In the aviation industry, aircraft companies aim to make more efficient or more pleasurable rides. However, while coming up with these ideas, they also have to think of saving money and time. If they are lucky, both. In this video, we can see a massive transport aircraft that goes by the name of Antonov An 70. It`s used for both medium and long destination transport and it runs on four engines.

However, the most fascinating thing about the Antonov An 70 are the revolutionary propellers that are counter rotating. Meaning that on every shaft there is a pair of propellers mounted whith both of them spinning in the opposite directions. This supreme technology is designed like this to balance the torque on both sides of the plane. This is very clever! First of all because otherwise one side can completely overpower the other. This also provides very efficient wind channeling. This delivers a better flight to the aircraft. In this video, you can watch these obscure looking and revolutionary propellers put to the test. Tell us your opinion on these bad boys in the comment section below!

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