Tire Repairing In The Philippines! No Regular Tools Needed… Just Serious Skills!

You have to be amazed by the intellectual brilliance of people around the world. Some people can devise a method of doing things in the most remarkable way. One such method is shown in the video we are sharing with you guys today, and it features tire repairing. The video comes all the way from the Philippines, and actually, it is quite intriguing to see how people do things on the other side of the globe. A driver of a Toyota Innova had the need for a tire repair, and chose a vulcanizing shop in his close proximity to get it fixed.

Much to his surprise, the whole tire repairing process was really different from what he had experienced in Canada. At the beginning, the mechanic used a jack to lift the Toyota Innova off the ground, and afterwards used the lug wrench to loosen and remove the lug nuts. This enabled him to safely remove the wheel.

After pouring some water on the tire, we can see a small hole, meaning that the problem is located. Pretty straightforward yet useful trick! Nevertheless, by using a variety of tools and lots of manual labor, the mechanic managed to remove the rim from the tire. With the tire now separated from the rim, it became much easier to remove the small metal part which pierced the hole. In order to do this, one mechanic used a pair of scissors to push the small metal upwards, and another mechanic used a wrench to remove it completely.

This is where the interesting part comes. Instead of stitching up the tire, the mechanics used fire to fix it! Rubber expands when heated, and this quality of the element was fully utilized by the mechanic. Heating up the tire eventually resulted in the tire expanding and closing the hole it previously had! Like we said at the start, some people can do some things in the most remarkable ways, even for something “simple” like tire repairing.

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