POLICE OFFICER Pulled Over By WA State Citizen!

Police officers are embodiment of the law. They are protecting us from all the illegal activities that rule the streets. However, that does not make them almighty. In fact, they have to know and obey the law more than the others. Because showing force is easy. Anyhow, the video we have prepared for today features an activist from the state of Washington, Gavin Seim. A police officer pulled over by him because the police vehicle is unmarked. In the beginning, the activist asks the police officer if it is an undercover vehicle and when he gets a negative response he tries to explain the policeman that only an undercover vehicle can be unmarked.

Next, the policeman seems like he regrets that he stopped, and hesitates to show his ID and driving license, but as the video continues you are going to see that he shows understanding. Then, the activist gives an example of how a random person can be dressed as a policeman and stop people (he mentioned his daughter) and that situation could go horribly wrong. In our opinion, what the activist is trying to achieve is to explain to those who are supposed to enforce the law that they can make mistakes as well. All in all, everybody must obey the law.

At last, click here to watch the police officer pulled over a speeding car and helped deliver baby!