CARRYING MISSILES On Top Of Your CAR ROOF Is Probably Illegal!

Not so long ago, hidden camera shows were really popular on TV. They are still popular nowadays however they have gotten a new shape, more like pranks et cetera, and are published on the Internet. But the good, old concept is still present and successfully manages to make us laugh. Nevertheless, today`s video hasn`t a lot to do with cars from a Gearhead point of view, although they are the key element of this episode of candid camera. At the beginning we see a group of construction workers that pull automobiles over in order to give them instructions about the ongoing construction process. Little do the drivers know that these construction workers are part of the candid camera crew. While the drivers` attention is drawn back, another member of the team carefully places model missiles on their car roof.

Afterwards, the drivers can continue their way. But there is still one more impediment in front of them, this time more serious one. They are stopped by a police officer, who asks the drivers to get out of the cars and look at a particular road sign that says “no missiles”. Next the drivers turn back, see the model missiles on the car roof and react in disbelief! They will definitely make your day!

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