This Rolls Royce Ghost Was Built For Millennials!

The blooming of the car industry has made car manufacturers produce some absolutely stunning super cars in order to keep in close touch with their rivals. This means that cars can only get better each year. In order to prove that on the car market there is currently literary everything for anyone and you can get whatever you want, according to your wishes and needs. In this video we take a look at the new Rolls Royce Ghost that was built for millennials. With its price ranging around $415,000 you must be wondering how can a millennial afford it?

This Rolls Royce Ghost Was Built For Millennials 2

To begin with, Rolls Royce labeled this car as a Black Badge, which means that it was built for young and prosperous people. Its interior indeed does look pretty good. It has a blue and black combination. But what makes this Rolls Royce Ghost built for millennials so expensive? Well, there is an umbrella hidden in the door, which is a feature that most of the super luxurious cars have. Also, all four seats have a massage option.

Built in the front seats you can find two picnic tables in which you can enjoy some food. There is also a cup holder and a cooler in the middle of the rear seats. Under the hood you find the 6.6L twin turbocharged V12 engine with decent 603 HP. Driving this car is also a pleasure to drive hence it is very smooth and comfortable. What do you think about this millennial car?