Hyundai Pick Up Truck For U.S. Market! It’s Confirmed!

Hyundai Motor Company finally has decided to move to the needs of the families who live in the suburbs, they confirm to Reuters they will enter into the pickups world. They will finally start production of the first Hyundai Pick Up Truck for the US market. By coincidence at the same time Kelley Blue Book announced that the Millennials from US are buying more and more vehicles from the SUV segment.

Hyundai Pick Up Truck For US Market 2

According to the USA-Korea FTA agreement, the pickup sales, ship building and bus production has been banned for the last 10 years in order to protect the local manufacturers. Now, probably it’s going to be lifted based on information about the new Hyundai pick up truck for the US market…

Back in the 2015 Hyundai Motor Company unveiled their crossover truck concept Santa Cruz at the Detroit Auto Show. It’s believed that Hyundai ‘s new pick up truck will be based on their Santa Cruz concept. It was expected they will unveil their new pick up truck in 2020, but probably they decided to make its debut again at the Detroit Auto Show. Korean car maker will probably make their instant splash at the best car show in the US, market “owned” by Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge in regards to the pick up truck segment.