This RC Tow Rig Is One Of The Best RC Vehicles We Have Seen! You Must Check It Out!

We thought we have seen it all! RC Car? Check. How about an RC airplane that looks exactly like the”>legendary Concorde passenger jet? We had a video about that right here on this website! How about an RC tow rig? We thought there is no such thing. A quick look at this video proved us wrong. That is why we have to share it with you!

This is possibly the coolest RC vehicle video we have had on this site! That`s not all, whoever made this footage, put a camera right on the little RC tow rig, and made the video much better! It looks like a scene from a movie! To make things even better, the RC tow rig has even a driver and a passenger on the front seats! They look like post-apocalyptic soldiers with oxygen masks on, something you see only in movies and video games!

The RC tow rig itself also looks like it was taken right out of a doomsday scenario. That makes it even better looking if you ask us! To top it off, the “driver“ even steers the wheel when he turns, and uses the throttle and brake pedals! Overall, this RC tow rig has everything on point. It looks really amazing, with great attention to detail, and it can drive through different terrains. The sound of the engine this little guy has is astonishing, further proving that this is not your typical RC vehicle! Whoever made this work of art, made it perfectly.

We can only hope that this small RC tow rig gets the attention it deserves. For your viewing pleasure, we will leave you with the video of this masterpiece cruising around. Be warned though, you might get the urge to get one just like it for yourself!

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