This Is Why Swiss Made Watches Are SO EXPENSIVE!

Starting from 1905, Rolex continues to be one of the world’s most powerful global brands that has never made  a mistake in combining luxury and elegance. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, this company produces over 2000 Swiss made watches per day, and that fact should not be underestimated as one Rolex watch contains around 3100 parts. Maybe you will manage to disassemble it, but when you have to assemble it again, you will hardly succeed.

In that case, you will need a hand from a professional, like the one in the video bellow, who shows the difficult and detailed work behind every Rolex’s product. By using a bunch of tools, the professional watchmaker shows his smooth way of working, as he takes apart the fabulous product and then reassembles it. I don’t know how many years of experience, you have to pass in order to become an expert like this, but one thing is sure -- for this job you need calm hands and sharp eyes.

Let’s cut the talk now and move straight into the video, which proves again why hand-made Swiss made watches are so expensive.

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