Sparking Nissan GTR Flames! Ferrari Tried To Get Attention Too!

AMAZING Nissan GTR Flames! Ferrari Tried To Get Attention Too! He has a Ferrari that costs like $200,000 and its getting outshined by a R34!

People nowadays say that they are seeing dragons at night on the streets of London! Have you heard about that? They were loud, fire spitting monsters with specific colors! Relax, people it`s “just” a Nissan Skyline GTR that throws flames! The guy at 1:01 can give you firsthand information about that! The second confirmation comes at 2:08! BANG! OK now, can you at least try not to be jealous at this guy? If you can resist this temptation, we salute you! It`s also good that nobody called the police to report the noise, yet everybody was admiring this automobile!

If you want some crazy drifting, you want this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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