Drifting RC Car Got On A Truck’s Trailer After Drifting Around! Not An Every Day View, Huh?!

We guess nowadays people get skilled in all sorts of things! There is just a HUGE AMOUNT of stuff you can to so you get good at it eventually! In this case, we are talking about Remote Control Cars! You probably associate them with little kids that play with them. But, what you are about to see, is hardly done by a kid! We have an RC car that DRIFTS perfectly and loads itself on a RC truck with a trailer attached to the rear bumper! Wow, you definitely need some training before doing that kind of a trick! One hell of a drifting RC car trick!

Actually the basics of drifting a RC car is pretty simple. Everyone can drift with a nice RC car. However, making it look this good is where the real pros come in action! In order to achieve this extremely cool drift angles one has to perfectly understand the balance between throttle and steering input. This guy honed these senses to the full extent! Also, it takes a very special talent in order to achieve such smooth drifting RC car exhibition!

We are wondering though, did the guy behind the controller made this drifting RC car? Because it is very much possible. This guy looks like he is in love with RC vehicles of all kind. His skills surely imply that. A real RC enthusiast! Maybe he is designing his own RC vehicles so they can suit his way of controlling. How awesome would that be? Pretty darn awesome!

It`s pretty hard to imagine this video to be even greater than it is. But, imagine if he would`ve drifted the truck with the car on it?! That would`ve been so cool! Don`t get us wrong though, we are not complaining at all. This is top class RC drifting right before our eyes!

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